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Multifunctional silicone wiper cleaning

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Silicone wiper kits clean all smooth surfaces, such as Windows, mirrors, tiles or showers.

with little or no time.Ergonomic curved window mop, wiper integrated with water tank, can be used to collect dirty water.No more dripping dirty water, no more wetting hands.

The innovative silicone lip rim has a special edge - with the help of a newly developed wiper made of ultra-soft silicone (30cm in length), there are no streaks.

Amazon.de: Genius Fensterwischer-Set 6-tlg - Fensterputzer +  Universalstange, Wanne & Mikrofaserbezug | glänzende und streifenfreie  Sauberkeit an Fenster, Fließen und Autoscheibe

  • Classic 12-inch T-Bar, Silicone blade, Black Color handle.
  • Special Designed Shape Flexible T-Bar Blade: More effective to removes over 90% water on glass or the smooth surface of the car and home bathroom than towels or clothes.
  • Soft Silicone Blade Material: 15 times less friction than terry cloth or microfiber towels to protect your glass or car. No worry about the broken small wool pieces of towels on the glass after removing water jobs, better then use towels.
  • Hard Plastic Handle fixed with Screws. More stable and have a longer lifetime.


  • Silicone
Product Weight
  • 500g
Product Size
  • 35.3*17*9 cm
Package Contents
  • Silica gel cleaning wiper × 1